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SOLAR HOt water

If you haven't yet heard, there's a revolution afoot. It turns out that many of the 'old ways' of providing the 'essentials' for our society, are not only harmful to our world, but also becoming increasingly financially unviable. The enduring electrical hot water system is a prime culprit, consuming more power than pretty much everything else in your home (often around 35% of total). With household energy costs steadily rising, that's an awfully big chunk of your money being spent on just heating your water. Something obviously has to change, and the good news is that it has.

There has been a lot of feverish activity over the years. New technologies have been developed which are very efficient and ecologically aware. Two main winners in this race for eco-friendly supremacy are solar and heat pump water heaters. Our climate is perfect for the use of these devices, and the expertise has evolved to the point whereby they are much more compact and cost-effective. Their use is no longer the domain of the wealthy or environmental purist. The floodgates have opened and people are rushing to take advantage of the benefits of this new technology, as well as doing their bit for the environment at the same time.