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Important information on your hot water system

Why you should service your Hot Water Heater with Aim Local Plumbing and Electrical

How to extend the life of your Hot Water System?

  1. We recommend that you replace the Anode of your hot water system every 3 years
  2. The anode is "sacrificial" meaning that it is a softer alloy than the cylinder and all corrosion will occur at the Anode and not your cylinder
  3. Every enamel (glass) lined mains pressure hot water tank is fitted with either 1 or 2 sacrificial anodes, which protect the tank from corrosion

What Rheem says!

"The Anode installed in your hot water heater will slowly dissipate whilst protecting the cylinder"

3 Very good reasons why you should replace your anode and TPR valve

  1. You Hot Water tank will last longer
  2. You will save money on emergency repairs if you regularly service your Hot Water Heater
  3. You will save money on electricity or gas if your hot water heater is operating correctly

The Temperature and Pressure Relief valve (TPR) must be replaced at intervals not longer than 5 years. This valve is not serviceable but should be operated and checked regularly by following the below steps carefully. This valve is designed to release a small amount of water when you’re Hot Water Heater is recovering or if the pressure inside the vessel exceeds the manufactures safe working pressure.

Thermostat /Over temperature cut out device

This is another very important device, as it controls the temperature (60-70C) and it will also cut off the electricity supply to the element through it’s over temperature cut out device if it senses a high temperature

The thermostat labours hard, switching on and off thousands of times over a few years, and needs to be checked for performance every 3-4 years.

Imagine the scenario. The thermostat has failed, your tank is reaching boiling point and your TPR (temperature pressure relief) valve is not working correctly!!!!! Please let one of our trained service technicians look over it for you.