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emergency plumbing CENTRAL COAST

Have you woken to the sound of a burst pipe in your kitchen? What about the shock from stepping into a cold shower due to a broken hot water system? Or perhaps the smell of your sewer lines overflowing? No need to panic. For a professional Emergency Plumbing service that you can rely on, call Aim Local Plumbing & Electrical.

We will give you immediate advice over the phone in order to contain the problem and send out a qualified plumber immediately. We offer our plumbing services on the Central Coast so chances are that we can be onsite to solve your problem quickly.

Plumbing issues such as drain and sink blockages or repairing faulty hot water systems are all in a day’s work for our licensed plumbers. We can take care of any kind of plumbing problem 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week.

Once on-site, our plumbers will make a careful assessment of your problem and will do the job for you at the best prices without compromising on quality.

Here is a list of things you can do when faced with urgent plumbing issues:
If there has been a water leakage of any sort, you need to turn your water off at the mains if accessible. If not, simply try to divert the water to the closest drain.

If there is a hot water system leakage, you can shut the hot water tap located at the base of the heater. On the other hand, to control cold water leakage, you can turn the valve off from water mains.

In cases where there is a blockage in your drain or if you are suffering from an overflow or backflow problem then you must stop any sort of water usage and do not flush your toilets.