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blocked sink central coast

A blocked sink will not only put your kitchen or bathroom out of action but it can cause damage to the pipes and create an unpleasant smell.

Drains can get blocked for a number of reasons from simple everyday food scraps, hair, soap and oil through to more severe cases such as tree roots. At Aim Local Plumbing and Electrical we have the latest equipment that will help us diagnose the reason for your blocked drain and fix it quickly and cost-effectively.

If you are experiencing a blockage in your sink or drain at your home or office, it’s important to get it fixed right away to prevent any long term damage.

Our licensed plumbers have been trained to quickly diagnose any potential problem that is causing the blockage within your plumbing system and where necessary may use drain cameras or CCTV cameras to understand the exact source of the problem.

Once diagnosed, our plumber will offer you expert advice on how to clear the blockage in the most cost-effective manner. Sometimes the blockage can be cleared easily using standard tools of the trade or chemicals. We use chemicals that have natural bacteria and enzymes that help in digesting dead organic waste found in your toilet, kitchen sink or basin. These chemicals are safe for the environment and just as importantly they will not damage your pipes or sewers.

With more stubborn blocked pipes we make use of high pressure water jet blasters or advanced cutting equipment such as the electric eel. These machines are often used to clear tree roots within blocked sewer drains or storm water drains safely and swiftly.

If you have a blocked drain, clogged sink or suspect a problem with your pipes give us a call.  Our plumbers are professionally trained and can get your sink back to working order in no time.